Possum Removal With Borax And Boric Acid

The problems caused by the presence of possums in your house are quite more serious than they look. You could get infected by many diseases as well as germs which are transmitted by these possums. In your house, They could also cause damage to your belongings. They may also create a daily mess which you will be worried about cleaning. You can perform possum removal in your house by two methods. Either by employing an affordable possum control near me or by performing it on your own. The professional pest control services will provide you the best & the most effective results. But sometimes this process may cost you a lot of money. If you are looking for an inexpensive method for possum removal then you can perform possum removal on your own.

Possum Removal
Possum Removal

There are several many ways to perform possum control. But in this article we will discuss two substances which will help you to perform effective possum control in your house. These substances are Borax and Boric acid. You can purchase them from your local market for the possum removal at your home. Purchase them as soon as you identify any presence of possums in your house. As if once their population increases, they may become a huge trouble for you and may even become hard to remove once they are in huge numbers. The damages caused by them will also increase with their population.

Borax Treatment; You can purchase this in the powder form and then sprinkle it in the infected area where the presence of possums is the most. Consider sprinkling it near their nest or the places where they mostly visit. Borax is not only beneficial for the possum but it is also very beneficial and effective for insects and silverfish if they are present in your house. The borax treatment is the best method for pest control at your home by yourself. During the warm season, the effect of such pests increases. You can spread a thin layer of borax in your house where they usually visit and perform an effective possum control by yourself.

Boric Acid; You can even purchase this substance from your local market and then apply this as an effective possum removal at your house. Consider dissolving it in warm water and then using it as a spray to the infected area. This is also a good solution for the other pest control which may be present in your house. Possum control is very effective with this chemical product. 


In this article, we have mentioned about how you can perform effective possum removal from your house with the use of two chemical products, Borax and Boric Acid. You can even hire Local Pest Control Experts in Kyneton to get effective and quick results. With the usage of these products, you must make sure that you perform these steps in the correct manner without any damages to get the best results for the possum control in your house. Contact Us today for more information if you want to keep them away.

How to Protect your Mattress from Bed Bugs

Mattress from Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have been living with us for many centuries. They are usually small oval-shaped parasites that suck on the blood of a human. Due to their smaller size, they are pretty difficult to find and can cause serious health damages. The pregnant female bed bug is even more hazardous to health as it can rapidly produce adult bed bugs and eggs. To make sure your house isn’t infested with bed bugs, you need to pay more attention to cleaning your mattress and cushion more often. In this blog, we are going to learn how bed bugs infest your mattress and how to protect your mattress from Bed Bugs.

Identification of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs smaller size ensures them to hide in plain sight. If you don’t pay attention to details, they are pretty much impossible to find. Before feeding, they are usually brown in colour. Once they start sucking on human’s blood, they become red-coloured and larger than before. If you’re trying to identify bed bugs on your mattress, just try to pay more attention to your mattress and box springs. Although you can find adult bed bugs, nymphs are pretty much invisible to human eyes.

If you’re able to find a small reddish-brown mark on your bed sheet or mattress, it means your bed is infested with bed bugs. If they are on your mattress, you may have bites on your arms and legs too. You can also look for their mould skins, eggs, and eggshells to be sure that you have a bed bug infestation in your house. 

Protect Your Mattress from Bed Bugs

Due to its infestation style and the danger it poses to human health, it is quite important to eradicate the bed bugs problem from your house as soon as possible. If they are left untreated, they can rapidly grow inside your house and cause serious damage to your health. Although most pest control service providers consider bed bugs one of the hardest pesticides to eradicate, you can try a few DIY tricks to protect your mattress from Bed Bugs. 

How to Protect Your Mattress from Bed Bugs:-

  • Identify the bed bugs. Make sure you don’t consider fleas and ticks as bed bugs. 
  • Make sure you don’t have enough hiding spots in your mattress and bedsprings. You can use a mattress cover to cover up the hiding spot. 
  • Clean your mattress more often and also dry clean your mattress after several days of uses. To get rid of bacterias, dry ironing the bed sheet would work. 
  • You can also raise the temperature of your home to get rid of bed bugs. 
  • Vacuum your mattress every week. 

In case you’re still wondering why the bed bug infestation is still there in your house, you must get in touch with a professional to do the pest control treatment. Don’t delay your bed bug problems as they can give you many sleepless nights. 

Hire Pest Control Professionals At Competitive Price

Bed bugs are annoying and you should get rid of them at every cost. Earlier, we have told you a few of the things that you can do to get rid of bed bugs. In case, it doesn’t work for you, you must hire a professional to do the task. Get in touch with us to hire pest control Kyneton professionals at a competitive price. We are here to help you.

How To Get Rid Of The Rodent In Your House

If you are looking forward to making your home rodent-free then there are a few things you should concentrate on. Here are some of the things that you can do to make your home rodent-free. Rodent control will be possible if you find the right solutions. Read on the information and understand the same.

Rodent control
Rodent control
  1. Find out which were the entry points and seal them

You should try and understand which are the entry points? The next step will be to seal those points. There might be some gaps or open places from where these rodents might be coming. Do the needful and find the best solutions.

  1. Keep the live traps or use mouse repellents

If you got an idea that there are signs and symptoms of rodents in your home then you should use live traps or mouse repellents. This will give you prevention from mice in your home. If at all there are mice they will be caught up. If you find this hard then you should check out the best pest control companies. You should tell them to do pest control. This will give you better results.

  1. Make a spray out of water and vinegar

You must understand what the rodents don’t like. They hate the smell of vinegar. If you can spray this in all the corners of the home or around the exterior then you can get rid of the mouse.

  1. Remove food and nesting material that they would collect

You must check out whether there is any open food or not. Also, if they can find shelter somewhere in the house, or some nesting material there, then this can be a problem. You need to take relevant steps by removing these things.

  1. Bring home a cat

You must bring home a cat. This can be a helpful thing for you. When you have mice around, you need to be cautious and alert. They are truly dangerous pests and can lead to allergic reactions and diseases. If you want to take charge of things then make sure that you know what you should do. Of course, a cat inside your home can do a lot better. So, take the right measures and get rid of rodents.

  1. The ultrasonic units

You must use the best ultrasonic units available at various stores. The sounds that come from these units can help you get rid of the bed bugs


The above methods can help you in getting rid of the rodents. So, make sure that you get the best pest solutions. But, when you feel that it is quite hard to get these things done then you ought to call for a reliable pest control company that will give you rodent control solutions. Plan things in such a way that you have access to the best options. This can bring in relevant results in every way. You can make efforts to make your home pest-free and rodent-free. This will surely work for you.

Easy Ways To Identify A Rodent Infestation At Home And What To Do

From rats to mice, your home may be harboring an unwanted guest. Infestations are hard to detect and often go undetected for a long period of time. Here are some ways you can identify if there is a rodent infestation in your house and what to do about it.

Identifying A Rodent Infestation

If you’re noticing rodents in your home, there are a few things you can do to identify an infestation and start taking steps to get rid of it. One way to identify an infestation is to look for droppings. Rodent droppings will be small and round, with a characteristic shape that is slightly flattened on one side. They will also be dark brown or black in color.

If you see any of these signs of an infestation, don’t wait! Get professional help as soon as possible. Rodents can cause a lot of damage to your home, and they can’t be handled alone. Contact a pest control company like Critter Control to get started on getting rid of the rodents.

Easy Tips For Identifying A Rat Infestation

Rat infestations can be a huge problem for homeowners. They can damage property and contaminate food, which can lead to serious health problems for the people who live in the home.

There are many different signs that indicate that there is a rat infestation in your home. Here are 8 tips that will help you to identify a rat infestation:

1. Tracks: Rat tracks are very distinctive. They are wider than human tracks and they have a ridged pattern. Rat tracks will often show up on surfaces that have been recently touched, such as walls or furniture.

2. Droppings: Rat droppings are small and triangular, and they usually contain blood and brownish-black fecal material. Rat droppings will often accumulate on surfaces near the rat’s nest or in areas where food is stored.

3. Damage to Property: Rodents are capable of damaging property very quickly. Their sharp teeth and claws can easily rip holes in furniture or walls. Infested areas may also exhibit signs of rodent gnawing, such as sawdust or small pieces of wood scattered around the area.

What To Do Next

If you’re noticing rodents around your home, take a look at these steps to help identify the problem and take action.

1. First, check to see if there is evidence of a food or water source that the rodents are using. Rodents are often attracted to places where people store food or drinks. Look for signs of gnawed containers, torn wallpaper, or damage to the cabinets or walls where the rodent was able to get inside.

2. Once you’ve determined where the rodents are coming from, seal off any possible entry points into your home. This includes doors and windows that may have been left open by mistake, as well as cracks and crevices in walls and ceilings.

3. If you have children in your home, it’s important to keep an eye on their behavior while you’re working to solve the problem. Rodents will often try to enter a home in search of food or shelter during times when children are not around. If you notice that your children are behaving oddly or exhibiting any signs of distress, be sure to keep an eye on them until the rodent problem has been resolved.


Rodents are one of the most common pests in homes. They can cause a lot of damage, and if left unchecked, they can quickly turn your home into their own personal playground. In this article, I will teach you how to identify a rodent infestation at home, and provide tips on what to do if you find them. Armed with these tools, you should be able to take care of any pesky critters quickly and efficiently. So read on and learn how to protect your home from rodents! If you want to know how to get rid of the rodent in your house.